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‘Next chapter’ newsletter – May 2020

It’s the final countdown – only 19 days till the June go-live!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve created a brand-new website for current and future Ballad Health Epic users! Visit  to find resources, timelines, important dates, articles, past newsletters and more!

We are also developing a tool to make healthcare even more convenient and accessible for our patients. The newly-designed Ballad Health app will include MyChart and guest bill pay with more features to follow. Download the Ballad Health app in July.


ATE support – At-the-elbow support is provided for Epic users going live for the first time.

BFF – Epic provides Ballad Health with a “Best Friend Forever” who partners with other members of our Epic team to ensure we have the support we need to share the latest and greatest developments.

LEAP LabLogin checks for production, Education updates/refresher, Application of learning/practice in Playground, Personalization in production.

RTE – Real Time Eligibility. RTE is used to verify patients’ insurance coverage.

Progress notes – Providers

Update on Order Set Alignment

Build in processApprovals in processTesting/educationComplete

The Provider Readiness Team (PRT) is reviewing a number of high-risk workflows and mitigation strategies with plans to finalize the metrics and mitigation strategies in their May 4 meeting prior to presenting them
at the Operational Summit on May 19.

Important upcoming dates:
• May 18–July 10 – Training registration for October go-live
• May 18–29 – Pilot Training and End User Acceptance Testing
• Aug. 10–Sept. 18 – End user training

All changes to Soarian, Allscripts and Epic are frozen until after go-live unless there is an issue surrounding one of the following:
• patient safety
• regulatory requirement
• significant financial impact

ARC insight – Access & revenue cycle

In the April edition, we introduced Fiona Zen as a new Ballad Health patient. She presented for her appointment and went through the registration process. In this month’s edition, Fiona will complete her appointment with her physician, have blood drawn for lab tests, and check out.

Clinical documentationClinical documentationCheck out
• Chief complaint
(reason for visit)
• Primary diagnosis
matching the chief complaint
• Complete documentation
• Encounter closed within
48 hours
• Verify patient name, date
of birth, time of specimen collection
• Collect copay
• Collect coinsurance rather than deductible
• Provide patient with an estimate
letter for services provided

Vital signs – Clinical team members

October go-live

Members of the Clinical Readiness Team are “owning” select clinical workflows that are either currently a risk point and/or will be changing with the Epic implementation. Some examples of the workflows being addressed include scanning to support blood transfusion documentation, timely nursing documentation, sign and held orders management, lab specimen collection and timely medication verification.

The owners are working with IT analysts, trainers and report team members to define measures of success with targets. The targets will be used to identify potential problem areas during go-live. The owners are also defining mitigation plans involving IT application analysts and IT training to minimize or negate the identified risks.

We will share more information on the high-risk workflows and associated mitigation plans as we move forward with training, workflow dress rehearsal and other key readiness activities.

Epic veteran updates – Current Epic users

Update on Order Set Alignment

Build in processApprovals in processTesting/educationComplete

All changes to Soarian, Allscripts and Epic are frozen until after go-live unless there is an issue surrounding one of the following:
• patient safety
• regulatory requirement
• significant financial impact

All aboard! Education & training

June go-live

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Epic education team moved all in-person training for the June go-live to virtual Webex sessions. Your patience with this change has been amazing and so appreciated.

We are close to crossing the training finish line; the June go-live training classes end May 19. All Epic June go-live site managers should be reviewing the Epic training reports and identifying team members who are at risk of not having training and access. Friendly reminder: Team members and/or providers who have not attended Epic training will not be granted access to the Epic system.

Ballad Health’s go-live readiness training LEAP Lab sessions are scheduled from May 20-29. Refer to the “Buzzword” section for the definition of LEAP Lab.

Who should attend a LEAP Lab session? Team members working in a June go-live clinic or urgent care facility. During the LEAP Lab sessions, Ballad Health analysts and Principal Trainers will work with nursing and ancillary staff members to ensure their Epic Login (access) is functional; provide an opportunity for team members to ask questions and/or gain additional Education about the Epic system; Answer any questions that team members may have about Epic; and finally, Practice in the Epic Playground environment.

October go-live

Epic training registration opens in HealthStream May 18. Managers will need to have all their team members registered in HealthStream for role-specific Epic training classes no later than July 10.

Credentialed Trainer classes begin on June 15. Team members from operations who will assist as a Credentialed Trainer will need to attend these classes.

October go-live facility team members, mark your calendars! Team member role-specific Epic training opens Aug. 10, and the last day of classes is on Sept. 18.

Keys for success:

  1. Complete all e-Learnings prior to attending your Epic training sessions.
  2. Attend all applicable Epic training classes for your role. (Managers will register team members in HealthStream.)
  3. If you must cancel for unforeseen reasons, please have your manager reschedule your canceled class immediately.
  4. Practice in Epic Playground.
  5. Team members should attend LEAP Labs so analysts can perform a final review of team members’ access and answer team members’ questions.
  6. Friendly reminder: Team members and/or providers who do not attend or complete all training requirements will not be granted access to the Epic system.
    Questions about Epic training? Email

Super Users’ spot

There are no changes to the Super User training schedule at this time. The Readiness events for the managers will go through May 8. There has been a change to the opening of registration from May 4 to May 18. Your manager will register you for your Super User classes.

If you have been using Epic for a long time, or if you are going to be a first-time Epic Super User, you will attend a Super User Readiness meeting before go-live. The sessions will help you prepare to be a great Super User.

Epic expose

What does going live with Epic look like at other organizations? Since we are so close to the Epic June go-live, we would like to show you what other organizations’ go-lives looked like. Check out these videos from University College London Hospitals, UNC Health and the “Hamilton”-themed video from Mary Washington Healthcare.

Questions about Epic? Email

Epic fun fact

When the USNS Comfort docked in New York Harbor to assist with COVID-19 efforts in March, Epic donated their software system to the ship to give clinicians a better understanding of their patients’ medical histories. Read about it here.

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