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About B-Epic

How can Epic help our region become healthier? That’s a great question.

Ballad Health cares for people in 29 counties throughout the Appalachian Highlands; providing the best care requires cutting-edge healthcare tools. And that’s where Epic comes in. The Epic electronic health record (EHR) system moves us closer to the goal of improving all aspects of health in our region – our patients’ experiences, ease of use for team members and financial wellness. All these factors lead to better overall health and happiness not just for ourselves, but for our communities.

One organization in Minnesota has used Epic in a way that speaks to needs in our own area: Utilizing opioid stewardship within Epic, they were able to reduce opioid doses by 43% over a three-year period.

In the Netherlands, where more than half of its Dutch residents are over the age of 50, a company is using Epic to help patients with hip fractures. Their system has reduced patients’ time in the emergency department by 35% and their average length of stay by two days.

Soon, Epic will offer a voice assistant called “Hey Epic!” much like the ubiquitous Siri and Alexa, to give clinicians a hands-free way to take notes in the exam room, removing the barriers of keyboards and laptops that exist in the physical space between provider and patient.

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