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Users going live in October: Check your Epic login access ASAP

If you were unable to log in to Epic at the end of your last class and you’re finished with your Epic training, here’s what to do:

Try to log in again 5-7 days from the last time you attempted by following these steps:

  1. Find this icon on your desktop and enter your login information. If your device does not have the Epic icon, you’re probably using a device that does not have Windows 10 yet. Try logging in prior to go-live once Windows 10 is installed in your facility.


  1. If you are unable to log in to Epic, do one of the following:
  • Visit ServiceNow at to enter a Help Desk ticket. In the Catalog Item field, enter Epic Go-Live Access Correction.
  • Call the Help Desk at 423-431-6290 to create a ticket and request that the Catalog Item be Epic Go-Live Access Correction.

If you plan to attend additional training, you can retry your login then.

  1. If you are successful at logging in to Epic, complete the Epic User Login Testing Results ENTRY FORM. Go to the Ballad Health intranet  > Click Epic in the top menu > Scroll down and click on the red “Education & Training” tile > Click “Future Users” > Click the yellow tile labeled “Epic User Login Testing Results ENTRY FORM”

Complete the ENTRY FORM and click SAVE.  Double-check that the HealthStream User ID you enter is correct.

Be Empowered. Be Empowering. B-Epic.

Ballad Health knows how to B-Epic. We’re taking care of our people like they’re family. We’re providers, hand holders, listeners and call takers; from our team members who wipe down operating tables to those who wipe away tears – we are the healthcare organization of the Appalachian Highlands.

Now we’ve taken another step to be the best – with Epic. We’re saving time, being more present and improving safety with one electronic health record. The benefits of Epic far outweigh the challenges of learning a new EHR system. Small victories each day will soon add up to major wins.
While half of our organization already uses Epic in their daily workflows, the other half is now joining hands to complete Ballad Health’s circle of care. With some training, knowledge, patience and support, Ballad Health can continue providing the best care to our region’s people, because we’ll have the best tools. With Epic, screens, workflows and apps can be personalized; simple tasks can be done quickly to save time; patients have the option of paperless billing; the online patient portal empowers patients and minimizes the need for phone calls; customized modules are dedicated to specialty care; and one record follows patients wherever they go.

One Ballad Health team member says, “Epic has helped me become a better provider.”

This one’s for the record books. Let’s be empowered and empowering. Let’s B-Epic.

With Epic, Ballad Health can safely and efficiently write patients’ health stories

When we work in different departments – or even in different cities – we can stand together for the good of patients. With Epic, we can listen to their stories while ensuring that the chapters stay together in one place – in one health record – to improve accessibility, connectedness and safety.

Reasons to B-Epic

  • With a single login, clinicians can see a patient’s complete story
  •  Providers can have access to their patients’ records at other institutions using Epic’s Care Everywhere
  • Patients are empowered with Epic’s online health management tool, MyChart
  • Integrated financial and billing data = stronger financial  performance
  • Inpatient and outpatient charts are combined, increasing patient safety
  • Nurses can document care while physicians can enter orders – all from a single interface
  • Epic’s workflows were created by users at many of the nation’s leading health systems
  • An estimated 90% of medical students and residents are educated on Epic

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